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    flat 4 cylinder engine / boxer

    WT engines does a flat 4. Their plans are good. I built the single cylinder version ( as my profile photo) and I think they share similar details
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    V-twin ignition systems

    Agree on the rcxel, I'm setting up the Lv uneven fire 90deg on my vtwin
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    LANZ HP 4WD (1923) scale 1/4,5

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    4 stroke spring selection

    Thanks Mauro, that should be fairly easy to calculate. I'll try that.
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    4 stroke spring selection

    Hi all, Anyone have any thoughts on the best way to select valve springs for 4 stroke gas engine. Its my own design 100cc and I have the valve lift determined, but not sure how to assess the required spring compression strength required. On my previous smaller engines I have made by trial and...
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    Inline 4 engine

    Maybe not quite what you're after but WTEngines do a 3 cylinder inline air cooled glow engine. I have built their WT2527 which is the single cylinder and their plan quality is good. Here's a link to my build if interested https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=135522&p=1 I'm now...