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    Used Computer Hard Drive Parts

    Another source of fine materials are old printers and scanners. The shafts have been polished and are very easy to turn or machine. The one downside is that most of them are metric.
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    Every Boy His Own Manufacturer

    A while ago there was a discussion about a Penbwl mode boat powered by a steam outboard engine. It referred to plans for the engine published in the August, 1933 edition of Popular Mechanics. While searching for a copy of the magazine on ebay, I found a offer of seven CD's containing over 600...
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    And then there was the guy that saw an ad on Ebay for a penis enhancement tool so he bought it. When he opened the package he found a magnifying glass with this attached warning label: CAUTION, DO NOT USE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT!
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    What got You into HMEM ???

    I have always been interested in mechanical stuff and was fortunate to grow up in a household where everything was repaired rather than thrown out. Our local library had bound copies of Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated, and Science and Mechanics. This was right after WW...
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    My first engine

    This engine sure is nice. Hope to see more. Jack
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    Atlas/Craftsman 12x36 Lathe on Craigslist

    There is an Atlas/Craftsman 12x36 lathe listed on Saturday's Craigslist in Fort Collins, CO. It has a six jaw Bison self-centering chuck, four jaw chuck, Collets and closer, 2 hp 220v motor, new variable speed drive. It is listed at $850.00. The phone number is 720-382-0190. I know nothing more...
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    I was in Hong Kong one day and watched a man welding a railing while standing knee deep in the harbor with out any eye protection-and we are supposed to compete with workers in Far Eastern countries. Jack
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    Hard aluminum Vs. mild steel?

    Hi Lew, Please stay with us. A good number of your posts are way over my head but there is always some bit of information that I can use. If some people don't care to read your posts, all that they have to do is use the scroll wheel on the mouse or the back button in the upper left corner of...
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    Welcome Dave, This is the greatest font of information that you can find. Jack
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    Why I love this site

    About a month ago I put a listing in the wanted section of Craigslist for inoperative printers and picked up five of them at no charge. Also, Staples Office Supplies will give you a $3.00 per unit credit for any ink or toner cartridges that you turn in each month up to a limit of ten per month...
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    Nice little collection of parts...

    Kaleb, On your next scrounging foray, take your engine along with you. I'll bet that if you show the guys at the shops what you are doing with the stuff that you scrounge, they will start saving materials for you. Craftsmen are happy to see young men that are interested in activities other than...
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    My 6th Engine

    This sure is a pretty engine. Thanks for the drawings regarding the valve system. Jack
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    Tool dealer in Northern Colorado

    Thanks, Rick. Ive been to the HF stores in Greeley and Fort Collins and neither one of them stock the machine. The Fort Collins store has a three in one and a 7x14 lathe but they have been there for at least three years and have been abused by the customers and have been reduced to boat anchors...
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    Tool dealer in Northern Colorado

    I am in the market for a small mill. Is there a dealer on the front range of Colorado between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins where I can look at and feel a machine? I don't have room for a Bridgeport or similar. Thanks, Jack
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    Welcome! You will find quite a few artful modgers here. Jack