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    Marklin 4158/91/7 - Oh boy is this cool

    Del Here is my current cleaning project for one of Gen’s sewing machines. It was made in about 1885. I am showing you four pictures of the base. I used the following to get from the before to the after. Soaked in dish soap and water for two days, just a few squirts in the water. Used a...
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    Marklin 4158/91/7 - Oh boy is this cool

    I would recommend the following from your list: Do 1 and 2 first, clean as best you can. Do not pressure test boiler, these were designed to fail. They are for the most part soft soldered together. Most run at less than 30 pounds. Certainly fire it up slowly at some point. Keep pressure...
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    Marklin 4158/91/7 - Oh boy is this cool

    Hi My wife collects steam engine sets like these, Marklin, Bing, etc. She has over 140 of them. Her advice is do not touch it! Take it apart and clean it. No wire brush, no sand paper, or anything abrasive. She also collects old toy sewing machines. I clean these up for her. I am just...
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    My Drill Chuck Keeps Falling Off

    Packrat As I noted that was an experiment while waiting for the replacement Albrecht Arbor and I had no intention of lapping anything in, as again noted not a very good thing to try. When I finally got Albrecht supplier to send me a decent arbor there was no problem. The reason I purchased...
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    4 "or 6"rotary table for mini mill

    I am not sure what you are making but on a mill that size a 4" gives a lot of flexibility. I have the sherline 4" and it is mounted on the adjustable angle plate. I have made many parts on it for my small hit miss, and now a two cylinder. I have made spindle adapters for it and can mount...
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    My Drill Chuck Keeps Falling Off

    Bob - good to see you are up and running. I have an Albrecht keyless that I purchased brand new, also purchased an Albrecht R8 adapter for it at the same time. Run out was worse than my Jacobs 14N it was supposed to replace, and worse than my Rohm. I put the Albrecht chuck on a no name R8...
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    O-ring for piston ring

    Here is another thread on the subject, I posted some clearance information in a PDF. https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/which-o-ring-for-piston-ring.31858/ Bob
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    Mideast Model Engineering Show - cancelled

    Hi Just got this from Paul Debolt, see you all next year Bob ************************************************ Hello All! I sorry to inform you that our Mideast Model Engineering Show at the Zanesville Airport has been canceled for this year. The Fly in and Car Show were also...
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    Thrashing machine

    I want to make sure I understand the size, do you mean 3/4" to the foot or 3/4 full size? If it is 3/4" to the foot, then Georges baler (about 16" long) would look nice, here is a photo of it, and a photo of the water wagon he guilt, these are 1" to the foot. Bob
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    Thrashing machine

    Hi If you look for a baler the person who originally designed the 1/3 and 1/6 is located here: Case Hay Press. 5440 Reynolds Rd., Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, Ph: 920-743-7142. Website: Mini Haypress 1/3 & 1/6 scale case hay press plans or completed model. The above is...
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    Economy plans needed

    Did you also get the two pump patterns? Bob
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    Source for small fasteners in U.S.

    Here are some and of course you can make your own if you really want scale hardware, and yes buying will cost you: This is a list which is probably a bit out of date, but certainly a starting place. http://www.modelenginemaker.com/index.php/topic,628.0.html Some really small stuff ie .5mm...
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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    K As to your question about speed, my experience is down to a #80 drill ie about .3 mm. For any hole in the range of #70 or less I use about 100rpm or less watching the hole with loupe. I take real light cuts and you can see the bit cutting. The reason for the slow speed is I cannot control...
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    Which O-Ring for piston ring?

    Here is where I get them, buy by the quantity and share them to other builders, what size do you need? here are the Vitron - McMaster-Carr Bob
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    Making a Simple Ceramic Burner

    I built one of these for my 2" Rider Ericsson Hot Air Engine. Its about .75" OD and been working real well for the last 5 years, uses a flat fairly hard flat surface ceramic that I had been using for silver brazing. I just used a hole saw to cut it out. I use propane at about 1 to 1.5 psi...