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    bmac2 replied to the thread Hi from newbie in Alberta.
    Hi Lindsay and welcome to the forum. I’m hoping winter stays like this until spring and then can get warmer. You may know all these...
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    bmac2 replied to the thread Stanley Style Steamer.
    For insolating the boiler I’d use refractory ceramic wool. I used it in my latest aluminum furnace build and the insulating capability...
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    Hi All ! A little update : I just tested my engine,It runs but it does not run well A good signal :)
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    I needed a long series drill (below - for obvious reasons) - simply drilled a piece of rod and used Locktite stud lock to secure. The...
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    bmac2 reacted to Rdean33422's post in the thread Building a Flat Twin with Like Like.
    Tapped the holes for the cylinder bolts in the crank case and started on the cylinders. And here are the cylinders done except for...