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    Fusion 360 replacement

    If you join the Experimental Aircraft Association, they give you the student edition of Solidworks each year, latest and greatest. Absolute steal for 30$ or what ever it costs a year to be a member.
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    Tiny Inline 4 Cylinder IC

    Just bought the plans, putting it into Fusion. These are some of the best plans I've ever seen. Most dimensions are referenced from a common point, no errors, etc.
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    Tiny Inline 4 Cylinder IC Plans For Sale

    Just bought the plans and received them in a few minutes. They are very nice
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    Fusion 360 learning ?s

    Fusion360 was designed to do one thing, kill Solidworks. Autodesk has done an amazing thing offering Fusion360 for free to hobbyists. I started with Solidworks exactly like everyone else, with a pirated copy. I now get to use Solidworks with my EAA membership, so it is legit, and of course, I...
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    Open Source 1.6 scale 7.5" gauge GE 44ton locomotive

    I decided to create a GIT repository for my GE 44ton locomotive. GIT is basically version control, which is a standard in the computer programming world, but has been increasingly used for projects involving a lot of cad files. This is a work in progress. What this basically means is that you...
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    Spring Loaded mechanism Design Help

    Channels are limited? My Taranis QX7 is a $110 radio that has 16 channels and with a $40 module plugged in the back will do 32 channels.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    I think I will stick to locomotives!
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    Big table on mini mill?

    I wonder if you could modify the current table to offer you an additional inch of travel?
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    Big table on mini mill?

    Don’t know your situation, but if you need a larger mill, get a larger mill. The benefits go far beyond a larger table, as more mass allows faster metal removal. If able, get a knee mill. The mini mill is handicapped by its lack of mass and rigidity.
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    Low power - motor or VFD?

    I run my Bridgeport pancake motor between ~20 to 120 hz. I have zero issues, but again, it doesn’t run for any real amount of time in the home shop environment. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of that speed control.
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    Drive belt for HD 250 x 750

    There’s two belts, a V belt, and a timing belt that is yellow in color. From his description, it sounded like the timing belt, which LMS sells.
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    Drive belt for HD 250 x 750

    His lathe is the Lathemaster 8x14, aka Harbor Freight 8x12. HF might have it. This belt is used for the low range, his and mine dry rotted out. Personally, I think a VFD and three phase motor would be a good long term solution. I’m going to do this when I upgrade mine to CNC
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    Drive belt for HD 250 x 750

    Yes, mine did the same thing, Littlemachineshop sells them
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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    What mode are you using the VFD? Simply as a phase converter? Or are you using it for the variable frequency speed control, and maybe even a vector drive? I most certainly would not do anything with the input or output of the VFD, and allow the VFD to control direction, starting, and stopping...
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    Broken change gear shaft on a grizzly 4003g lathe

    Yes. As such, I highly doubt it’s a Sieg product.