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    Seeking assistance with gear cutting

    I just looked closely at the plastic gear picture. They are not what I need. The brass gear below is the tooth profile I need.
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    Seeking assistance with gear cutting

    I would like to cut approximately 50 each of the following gears: 12mm w 12 teeth, 20mm w 20 teeth, 30mm w 30 teeth and 40mm w 40 teeth. All will be 5mm thick, made of brass. Each size will need to mesh with all others. Picture attached is an example in plastic. I have a mill and dividing...
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    Screenshot_20190626-093957_Amazon Shopping

    Plastic gears
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    Seeking advice on cutting many slots in a tube

    The attached picture is part of a larger project, a kinetic sculpture. The aluminum tube is just under 2 inches OD and 1.5 inches ID. I need to cut a series of slots as indicated by the wide lines. I will not be able to spin the tube during the cutting operation, because it will be 30 inches...
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    Another Hoglet!

    I've been lurking around the site a little bit but thought it was time for me to start a thread of my own. I should first mention that I have zero experience as a machinist. I am working at a public Makerspace and primarily using a jet lathe and milling machine. I've got more hours than I...
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    4 stroke carburetor selection

    That's a great looking carborator. Thanks!
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    4 stroke carburetor selection

    Most chainsaw carbs would be 2 stroke, I'm guessing. Do I need a 4 stroke carb?
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    4 stroke carburetor selection

    I have a vintage Briggs & Stratton 5s, similar to the one in the attached picture. However, my carburetor and gas tank are long gone. I would like to run this engine using a more modern setup, which would include a stand alone gas tank and hose running from the tank to a carburetor. I have...
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    Help to ID this inline 4

    I did a google 'search for this image' and found this information at the Craftsmanship Museum in California: 4-Cylinder Engine, designed and built in, San Diego, California, 1927. L=10", W=7", H=8", Weight=12 lb 4 0z An instructor (Mr. Gay) and his class at the Naval Machinist School produced...
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    Help to ID this inline 4

    I've been viewing threads for several days but this is my 1st post. This picture is on my laptop but I can't for the life of me remember the source. Can anyone identify this engine or provide additional details? Thanks in advance. jim