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    Loctite 680 and its use in a press fit application?

    The press fit does not crush out all the small surface asperities. There a still lots of very thin air gaps in a press fit. Loctite fills them and increases holding strength. Don't believe, make parts and test with and without.
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    squaring mill vice on combo lathe mill machine

    The bars are good to a thou or so. Sometimes it has to be better than that.
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    Protect cast iron cylinder against rust

    Cast iron car engines keep coolant in them 24/7 for years without major rust problem, so no coatings are required. That said, I would drain and dry out my engine if it is going to spend most of its time sitting.
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    squaring mill vice on combo lathe mill machine

    Very clever. The technique I use for squaring up a vise is this: Snug one bolt up. One hand on crank for the axis, other hand has a soft face hammer. Start cranking the axis and watch the indicator, while cranking tap the vise and watch the needle. Keep tapping until the needle motion slows...
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    Print reading question

    No I don't make lenses, I get paid to do what I am good at. Design optical mounting systems. My company pays other companies who are good at making lenses to do so.
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    Print reading question

    7075 T6 lens diameter is .5 inches. Oh I know my needs are able to be met, the point was the drawing needs to specify what's needed, not the simplest way to make the part.
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    Uniflow design theory

    Your first concern about recompressed pressure being higher than incoming steam is baseless. It would be a violation of the second law of thermo for it to happen. Hot High pressure steam is admitted to cylinder. Steam is expanded, doing work and cools down. Now cool steam is vented at bottom...
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    Print reading question

    Let me give a real world example that I dealt with just last week. I am designing a short tube that holds and locates a lens. Tube has a through hole and a counterbored hole from one end. The lens drops into the counter bored hole. What is most critical to me is the distance from the bottom of...
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    Print reading question

    Stepping up onto the soap box............... The drawing is the embodiment of the designers, wait for it... , design intent. It should completely describe the part and all the tolerances required for the part to function the way the designer intended. The part should also be able to be...
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    SouthBend Heavy 10" Gear Train Single Tumbler Gearbox

    I have a SB heavy 10 with a single tumbler gear box. It left the factory with metric transposing gears but they disappeared long before the lathe got to me. I will measure the gears I have, they work to cut the english threads on the chart on the front.
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    7/16-14 tpi allen head bolt

    MCMASTER CARR. A box of 25 is 12 bucks. they will deliver tomorrow
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    Alignment of cylinders and crank bearings

    Machine a flat surface on block. Could be head mounting surface or the surface the barrels bolt to if they are separate. Machine an edge along the side of that surface. Use those two surfaces to set up and line bore the bearings. Use those two surfaces to setup and bore the cylinders or the...
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    Spring mandrel size

    Empirical results will be most useful and real. ID of coil is 7 mils? is that a typo?
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    Do a parts of engine that takes longer than a day !

    Never tear down a setup, unless someone in a higher pay grade demands access to the machine. :)
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    Metal annular ring growth at elevated temperature

    change in length= CTE*Dimension*Change in temp. CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. Dimension is ID, OD, wall thickness, Length. It matters not.