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    Merry Christmas

    a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you here on HMEM I was on the run lately, but I could not fail to wish you all thank you ariz (aristide from Italy)
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    google safety warning

    Finally that boring warning of Google ended. This is the first day I don't see it, and the first time I visit HMEM from long Maybe that the safety problem wasn't the only cause, I've been busy with many other things, first the necessity to change my car after a crash, perhaps the googles...
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    ShopShoe's Shop

    very nice shop, well organized, and yes, those T-rails seem to be very useful you have 2 workbenches plus the one where the machines stand: a luxury! ;D
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    Tiny Inline 4 Cylinder IC

    wow, this is another great thread that I can't miss I was watching at the MLA diesel of quinette a minutes ago, and now I find another IC engine, a 4 cylinder too too many treasures in this forum :big: Kel your start is impressive, very good work: I'm hooked I too hope that in the future you...
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    MLA Diesel - Work in Progress

    very instructive thread Bob, thank you I like (and hate too!) these little diesel engines: I too built a 'Mate' some times ago, but it didn't run really well, only sporadic revs occasionally I'll follow this thread with interest to learn how to build a better diesel next time :D
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    Hit me - Miss me?

    Bob I don't post anything but replies to somebody from long, at least you do some little progress :) go ahead mate (with your time of course)
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    Super Charging and how to

    hudmut I don't know anything about supercharging a model engine, but I know enough about doing it on a real engine so, when you eventually will have it completed, remember that the engine needs very much more fuel to run and the ignition must be retarded several degrees or the engine stuns at...
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    October Project of the Month

    my congrats to Orrin for this great piece of work :bow: I do agree with the decision of the mods and the new rules that supervise the choice for the POM this great forum find always its way to move forward in the best way thank you all
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    Inverted 90 degree V-Twin steam video

    hey, you said in the video that the engine doesn't have a lot of torque, but seeing it moving that huge trailer is very impressive nice work!
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    Does someone know this lathe?

    have you tried this site: ? there are almost all the lathes of the world, but you need to go through the site deeply to find out yours
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    Congratulations to the September POTM Winner

    congrats putputman, I love IC engines and everyone who can build one has my esteem :bow: congrats to the other nomenees too, very well done projects :bow:
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    DM Italia Lathe

    It's a chinese machine. DM imports them, perhaps paints them too, anything else... however the BV20 is an old, widespread design, so find parts would not be a problem there are better machines, it all depends on price, if it's a bargain get it, otherwise try again
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    v twin I.C.

    it makes sense to me! the idea is more than interesting and it seems that you could implement it :bow: well done till now, best wishes for a complete success
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    Mate diesel from Motor Boys plan book (long)

    thank you Bob G I'm honored that you made your first post in answer to my problems, and reading your experience with the Mate encouraged me to continue in the attempts to run it. I'm just doing exactly what you did: today I started to make another piston, because I suspect that most of the...
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    Mate diesel from Motor Boys plan book (long)

    thank you too Cid, sure 1 liter is better than 25!!! I'll report the news, if there will be any
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