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    A 15cc sidevalve opposed twin

    It looks likes arms from a starfish!🙈
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    Porsche 917 flat 12 engine

    Very nice work! I'm really impressed! Did this engine originally have carburattor, or only injection? If carb, your next move must be to buy/make 12 model r/c carburattor and have those venturi to do some real work!:D
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    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Is there a place I can get only the drawing from?
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    Another Karl Benz 1886 Engine and Motor Wagon.

    Impressive! But how did you make the rim and rubber? Or is it available some place?
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Volume capacity should be 125 times more (5x5x5). So, 0.030 liter (30cc) equal to 3.75liter!
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    Little Demon V8 - helpful hints (hopefully)

    Do you know if anyone tried to cast all the aluminium parts for this engine?
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Yes, correct, thicker wire result in less turn tu fill up the space. I've done this on R/C car-motor, and it make a huge change in torque!
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    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi, what you also can do is to open up the brush-motor and re-wind with a much thicker copper wire. This will dramatically increase the torque! They can not run long time, because the motor brush will melt (normally held in place with plastic). But for a start motor it's ok.
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    Honda GX160- 8.5cc

    What does that extra bar at the bottom of the conrod do? Is it a part of the balancing?
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    side valve aka flat head model engine.

    Hello! I have been casting aluminium and bronze for a while. I started up using coal, but went over to gas. I also tried electric, but think its much more boost in gas-driver. Look at below link for an example of what I got. Also look at the crucible (which has to be replaced now and then)...
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    mini V12 gasoline engine

    This is a work of art! Very well done!
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    It's always fun with cannon! Here is mine 2kg bronze barrel, civil war cannon!
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    First sand casting

    Hi Rob! I would like to make core/hard sand, but find it very difficult to get natrium silicate here in Norway (unless ask for several 100 liters). Do I also need special sand? I've tried to make core out of "plaster of Paris", but even completely dry, the molten aluminium bounce off (I guess...
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    First sand casting

    Hi All, I've been casting aluminium for two years now, and got some experience. I also used Bentonite clay and sand to start with - its good for larger parts. But if you need to make small and highly detailed cast, you should use "red sand". Red sand has excelent holding, and will not fall...
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    Help with design of a Flat Twin .18 c.i Model Airplane Engine

    ... And I didn't read this before answer to your first post! (and you absolutely right, for a four sylinder boxer, he will struggle a bit) :-)