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    Propane torch advice needed.

    No rush Eric
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    that would be awesome
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Does yours look the same as picture 4? I can't figure out how the air gets mixed in. Eric
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Which one? the Airco or the Sievert?
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Then there is this one. I guess I would need to add a regulator/hose.
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Yes, I am aware there is more to it than just the torch, but locating a suitable torch seems to be the first hard part. I can also get a "weed torch". Just trying to get a decent torch somewhat inexpensively while not wasting money. I know the run-of-the-mill plumbers soldering torch with its...
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    Propane torch advice needed.

    Is this propane torch suitable for silver soldering a 3" diameter copper boiler? I am concerned about picture 4, it doesn't seem to mix propane with air here. Considering buying it used online. It's an "Airco Propane Torch" Thanks, Eric
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    Power hacksaw

    without pictures it does not exist. :) Eric
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    PM Reseach live steam engine powering a Sherline lathe !

    I think you forgot something...:)
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    Major grief from a drill press

    3X on too slow spindle speed. Also you should back the drill bit out a few times during the job to allow the chips to clear. Ease up the pressure just before breaking thru.
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    Toolpost Grinder - need help

    Judging by the pic in the first post, I think the o-ring belts could stand to be a little tighter. Eric
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    Aligning Lathe Tailstock

    How do you know the thin rod is straight to begin with?
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    Making a builtup crankshaft

    I built up a crank with lock tight and tapered pins. I didn't leave much clearance (slip fit)? I assembled the crank on the one piece shaft then cut out the center shaft afterward. The crank shaft is in the pic.
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    A DC motor will produce much more torque at low speed than an AC motor. In order to do it at a predictable speed you need feedback from the motor to the drive. Few low end DC drives or motors have provisions for this. A DC motor with feedback and a matching drive would be the cats meow for a...
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    HF 8x14 DC Motor Conversion

    All I am saying is an AC motor will have better speed regulation than a DC motor, assuming neither has feedback to the drive.