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    Error Reporting Guidelines

    Good to hear that you were able to fix your Firefox to allow the images.
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    Getting forum update emails daily

    We paused it until Friday. It's a custom plugin and we recently moved to another e-mail provider so have to do some leg work. Unfortunately this is a custom made plugin, I can attempt to get the developer to give an option for weekly but it's not a setting that's available right now. At the...
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    Are we able to avoid ads
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    What's your latest project?

    Would love to see some photos or details of your latest engine projects. What's new?
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    Project of the Month - July 2016

    Congratulations Tony Bird on your refurbishing old fairly large model vertical steam engine before: and after: The thread about the Refurbishing is HERE Featured on the cover of the HMEM Facebook Page
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    Project of the Month - June 2016

    Congratulations Longboy on your build of the Longboy's "FOREMAN" model gas engine Here is the BUILD THREAD and FINISHED ENGINE THREAD Featured on the cover of the HMEM Facebook Page
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    Project of the Month - May 2016

    Congratulations RickWeber on your build of the Ford's First Engine This is the thread that tells about the engine and it's build And check out the HMEM Facebook page, to see this as the cover photo.
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    Returning member

    Is this working okay for all of you now? I did work the the members in the Support forum, but this forum is not the best place to show e a problem I need to address for you. I do think I have it corrected now and apologize for it being that way and making it hard for you to see the forum.
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    What's up with this?

    Good to know I was able to fix the issue. Have a great rest of weekend.
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    What's up with this?

    I made a small change and then looked on Echo, the Win 10 version of IE. The page looked okay to me. Did it make it better for those having problems?
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    What's up with this?

    It seems to be an IE11 problem with the photo added to show the Project of the Month photo. That's the only change. I can take a look in Echo (the win10 version of IE) and see if I can replicate and come up with a solution. I see some have logged in with Firefox and it worked okay, did I...
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    Engine tab at top of forum The engines that were in the Engine tab in the header bar are now back.
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    What's up with this?

    chucketn What browser are you using and do you have your screen set to a larger font? Also, when is the last time you rebooted, cleaned the cache and cookies for this forum? I'm not seeing a problem but do wish to help you. So, please tell me what browser.
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    Is project of the month DEAD.

    A photo may appear in the next day or so, I have someone working with me, but I had to send the new winner thread to the tech guy. Watch for it.!
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    Project of the Month - April 2016

    And here is the first run of the Opposed Twin I.C. that Brian built.