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  • I am now completing the ME Beam Engine, and want to make a model (perhaps a Farm implement) tht my Beam engine could drive,
    Any advice any Member could assist me with ideas would be of Huge assistance. Thank you
    Malcolm Farrant
    I have been offline for a while but I notice that Project of the month winners have that noted on their profile. I was lucky enough to win it in Feb 2014 but it is not noted as such. Is this an oversight or was it not policy back then?
    Hi there,
    I have posted a thread in the "Tools" forum that I think should have been in either the software or machine modifications forums. It actually turned into a project to build a RPM display for my Sieg SX2 Milling Machine, andmy Sieg SC2 lathe that I believe woud be benificial to some others. Could you please move it for me? the title is: Need "Pinout" for Sieg SC2 Lathe R.P.M. socket"
    Hi I'm new I've Been a Machinest since I've been old enough to stand at a machine. I'm retired now. And I have 5 steam engine kits to machine and assemble. I love live steam , hot air engines. I go by Banjo Thanks for all pictures and info on building.
    Hallo Admin
    A couple of days ago i did send you a message with a questionin it
    I should like to receive a reply from you,but till today nothing received
    and nothing heard from you.
    I hope that will reply me soon so that i know about my question and a couple
    of questions more.
    Greetings from modelmotor my forum and thread name.
    I from The Netherlands -Europe.
    Hallo Admin
    I am already a member from your website HMEM for several years now.I paid the money to be a lifetime supporter for sometime ago.So i am a lifetime spporter now,but i can n't find back that i am a lifetime supporter on your new website.I hope that you can tell what has changed that the name lifetime supporter has moved from your site.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    modelmotor-The Netherlands-Europe.
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