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    1/20th Scale Burrell

    Wow that looks great!
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    How can I find a good home for my father's steam engine

    Beautiful engine! Lot's of good inputs here. Let me add a recommendation of someone I follow on YouTube: Keith Appleton. He is an avid steam engine builder/refurbisher/collector in th UK (London I think so not terribly far from you). Keith Appleton YouTube PM me if you are interested in his...
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    Nerd's Webster build

    Off to a good start!
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    Drill America end mills

    I buy a lot of stuff from DrillsandCutters—drills, taps, reamers. Only one end mill though. Free 2-day shipping with $100 order. https://drillsandcutters.com/ The sell Drill America among other brands. I assume the Drill America at HD would be the same. I’ve been very happy with the...
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    Hi from newbie in Alberta

    I got my first lathe (a 1944 Logan 816) about 2 years ago, followed by my Chinese Enco 8x35 mill about 18 months ago. I've used both for a few things, but the wobbler is the first set of plans I've followed. It's a lot harder than just getting something the right size, single point threading...
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    Hi from newbie in Alberta

    Welcome Lindsay. I'm a beginner as well. I'm starting my first model engine--a wobbler--this holiday.
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    junk cast iron

    Richard, I’m not sure—never done it. Just figured it would. Here’s a thread on another forum. Sounds like CI is a mess to cut with a torch. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/fabrication-cnc-laser-waterjet-plasma-welding-and-fab/oxy-acetylene-torch-cutting-cast-iron-195329/ Evan
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    junk cast iron

    Plasma cutter is not in my arsenal. It should work, though, as could an OA rosebud.
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    junk cast iron

    Depends on the price of scrap I suppose. At ~$0.02/lb for scrap it'll be hard to pay for transportation to the scrap yard ($80 assuming it weighs 4k lbs), if scrappers pay $0.08/lb it gets a little more interesting. Certainly no issue in going after it with an angle grinder and sawzall, but it...
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    Hypocycloidal Engine

    Stunning. Quite the curiosity, and beautiful as well.
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    Hypocycloidal Engine

    Wow this is incredible!
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    Hypocycloidal Engine

    Wow. I know my articulation can be overwhelming.:rolleyes: Really nice work!
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    New member from Northern California east bay area

    Richard, I’m in the Bay Area—Pleasanton, CA. I’m not ready to list mine, but Jeff has a nice one he is thinking of selling. Evan
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    New member from Northern California east bay area

    Jeff, I'm also a newbie, so I'll defer to folks on here a lot more knowledgeable than me, but I'll share my limited experience. I wanted a decent hobbyist lathe. The Atlas, Logan, Powercraft, etc. seemed to meet the bill. I, too, was a woodworker hobbyist and wanted machines on casters so I...
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    Big changes at the Rupnow Ranch

    Brian, Nice work, and an inviting space. Quite an impressive collection of machines you've built! Seeing the spindle sander in your office made me chuckle a bit as I'd think that would spew much more sawdust than the flooring. Evan