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    Gas line repair (I hope...)

    Kind of like what the new coated lines are made like. Kenny
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    Spanish Home Shop Machining Forum

    Thanks Josh, It is an interesting forum. The translate button works well to read in English. Its good to see people using other languages are as excited about our hobby. It seems to be another friendly and polite group. Kenny
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    Is It Hot There?

    106 F and not humid. They don't call it Hot Vegas (Las Vegas) for nothing. Kenny
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    Simon's Auckland Shop

    Thanks for letting us see your shop, Simon. Nothing like having an extra lathe in the corner. Kenny
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    Start on a long term project

    Been watching your build Ron. Glad to hear it running. Kenny
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    Peter, It is caused by one of those big alligators at the entrance. Kenny
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    We have a lot of members here because we don't prejudge. We do have some spammers that come on board, but they don't last long and some are caught while they are still posting. Let me give a couple of examples of prejudgement and how easy it can go wrong. Lets say we have a castle rule that...
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    Newbie shop - 7x12 Grizzly mini-lathe cleanup

    Nice to see your shop, Ryan. Cleaning and oiling your machines will pay off over the long haul. Your better-halfs tooth brush is good to clean gear teeth. Just make sure you clean it real good when you put it back where she keeps it. Kenny
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    The Ultimate boys Mechano Project

    Very nice. Its good to see a young man build a machine with true elegance and detail. Springbok, thank you for showing us. Kenny
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    taking the plunge

    The 1" spindle bore on the 11X26 will be a good thing to have. Kenny
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    radial aircraft engines..

    Viberation is the reason why even number of cylinders don't work. http://www.radialengines.com/faq_section/index.htm#q2 One can operate a radial engine clockwise or counter-clockwise by changing the camring. Kenny
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    Picking up my Lathe today

    Yep, congratulations. Don't drop it. Kenny
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    Elbow Engine

    Glad you got it running, Chris. Kenny
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    New shop in Florida

    Looks real good, Tim. I can smell the fresh paint from here. Kenny
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    wet sanding on a surface plate

    I also use plate glass, 3/8" thick along with the sticky back aluminum oxide paper. Had the glass cut for one end of my tool box in the 80s and its still good today. Kenny