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    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    .6495 divided by tpi = single depth of cut.
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    Mini Hog

    Love that sound! Unquestionably a HOG.
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    10 Engines in 4 Hours by Non-Machinist Possible?

    It really all depends on the engine's design. People with more experience are naturally drawn to more challenging projects, but there are a plethora of designs created for (and by) the inexperienced.
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    Rescuing a Stuart Triple Expansion engine

    4x36 taps are available from Brownells', for use in gunsmithing. Across the pond, but available.
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    Tapping Question

    Something that has not been mentioned is to use break-free for tapping oil when using tiny taps. Not cutting oil per se, but with it, the taps don't get stuck.
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    help getting lathe up and running?

    I have one like it and had another like it in the past. Clausing has taken over from Atlas, and parts can be gotten from them. I had a catalog of parts, but my house burned last yr, and I have no idea where they were stashed (or thrown). What I did find in the spot where I have it stored is a...
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    Bevel gears

    Sewing machines and electric mixers might give you the size you need.
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    Bluing steel part.

    Having a degree in gunsmithing, I have used a lot of products for blueing, but the one I keep coming back to for ease of use and durability is Mark Lee Express Blue, available at Brownells. It is applied with a heat source until chocolate brown and activated by a five minute boiling water bath...
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    First build, a single acting oscillating steam engine, It steams!

    This looks like an interesting thread, but I guess I'm too late for the pictures. Darn the bad luck!
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    Hello all. This looks like an interesting place. I hope to be building a steam engine in the near future out of a door closer, soon as I get some of my gun projects finished up and build a chicken house. Thought I would have more time to do this when I retired. Not that I'm "retired", just so...