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Machinist puzzle
Powder keg

Machinist puzzle

Here is a 2" square aluminum block with 4 smaller squares machined inside it. I programed this and machined it on a CNC mill. This was a fun project.
Hi Powder Keg

I was browsing the Photo Album when I arrived at the photo of the "Puzzle Cube" you have done, certainly in CNC, but still, you must know the TIP for its machining, and I myself a CNC MILLING (the equivalent of the BF30 Optimachines in France), I will not ask the G-code implementation of this little gadget exhibition, but I would just like to know if you could kindly m 'explain the range of machining, just to see if it would be possible for me to execute this work also, but on conventional machines?
I suspect that a lot of work, but I too much free time!

How to make this Super Cube is really a very beautiful object and unusual ... congratulations to you.

Please excuse my English Disastrous, I hope you can read to me.
The code was in with an article in the Digital Machinist magazine, if you don't yet have it reply and I will post on the site.
Rgds, Emgee
I always thought a "turners cube " was done on a manual machine to demonstrate an operators skill.. never considered CNC

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