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  1. Tomcat
  2. nurd77777
    I started out with an old lathe, I think I could buy something better. But if I were to buy second hand decent lathes tend to weigh a ton.
  3. MachineTom
    MachineTom ACHiPo
    The boring bar thanks are 3/16, 1/4, 5/16. And 3/8. The shank sizes is linked to the cutter size. A 360 size cutter has a 3/8 shank. There a tool holders, that accept the shank, and are .500 diameter. That is what in do when using the BB in a boring head.

  4. Ridge
    Husky (old version) is finished. Now looking for an easy beam engine for more practice.
  5. kadora
    kadora minh-thanh
    Hello minh-thanh.
    I am busy right now I will send you some information during this weekend.
    1. minh-thanh
      Hi kadora .
      Thanks !
      Nov 21, 2019
  6. tontilon
    tontilon Michael Rosenbauer
    Hallo Michael,

    ich bin ebenfalls ein Modellmotorenfanatiker.
    Ich komme auch aus Deutschland.
    Wir haben sogar das gleiche Alter.

    Vielleicht können wir uns ja austauschen?

    Ich modelliere die Motoren in 3D-CAD.

    Liebe Grüße

    Dirk Nagel
  7. Scarafaggio
    Scarafaggio gg89220
    Good afternoon where you can get engine drawings ?, Karl Benz engine 1886. Thank. Your work is very good !
  8. dnalot
    dnalot Angie
    1. Angie
      Thank you. Can you put this post on that thread about POM's? And I'll come back and check this again, too.
      Nov 5, 2019
  9. Simon Ribnikar
    Simon Ribnikar
    Working on...
  10. Hanss
    Hanss TobyTetzy
    Hello Toby

    What a beautiful engine.
    Maybe a different spring on the controller so that it runs even better.
  11. Diego Contessoto Mazzaron
    Diego Contessoto Mazzaron
    DCM tech. Special Parts.
  12. Jongeek
    Loving this new forum, Just bought a personal Laser CNC and wating for its shipment
  13. Jongeek
    Always Buying & Selling
  14. AndresitoArgentino
    Si tu no trabajas por tus sueños, alguien te contratara para que trabajes por los suyos...
  15. Dale Walter
  16. Jack Pickard
  17. Isaac Zammit
    Isaac Zammit
    Keep yourself distracted, one project after another.
  18. Clockworld
    Clockworld deverett
    Dave, I was trawiing through the site and asI have to make various studs (small BA) I was wondering if you still had the article to hand?

    Regards, Matt
  19. Imre karoly
    Imre karoly weir-smith
    my respect Bruce,

    help my Please , my Rotary Table 1:36. I do not know the correct step number setting. sorry for the bad English speak . my native language Hungaryan.

    the sketch works , there are only step errors. likely due to rotary transmission (1:36).

    thank you in advance for your help.

    Best Regards, Imre Karoly
  20. kenn
    kenn mikelkie
    Hi Mike
    Names Ken From Cape Town. I see you doing a & 1/4 Simplex Did you redraw it and any chance I could get the laser cut drawings