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  1. bobden72
    bobden72 deverett
    Hi Dave are you still intending to be at Bristol in August this year.
  2. Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald Cogsy
    nice engine.
    1. Cogsy
      Thank you - it was my first model engine.
      Jun 16, 2018
  3. Rudy
  4. Steve
    Sadly , since my wife died in 2012 , i did lose a lot of interest in engineering , but thankfully its slowly coming back
  5. cjparsons
    cjparsons Admin
    Can you delete my account?
  6. Anatol
    The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory.
  7. goldstar31
    goldstar31 bazmak
    Just a note to say that I wanted a new DRO for my Sieg c4. Axminster Tools said = no go but they had a conversion kit lying about for a SC4 with 2 DRO's feed screws and I wonder what.

    On its way for all of £50. Must be my birthday

  8. Johnc61
    Now retired, time to get all engines and lathe running
  9. mayhugh1
    mayhugh1 deverett
    I'd love to have a copy of the stud making article. My personal email is:
    Thanks, Terry
  10. Banjo
    Banjo Admin
    Hi I'm new I've Been a Machinest since I've been old enough to stand at a machine. I'm retired now. And I have 5 steam engine kits to machine and assemble. I love live steam , hot air engines. I go by Banjo Thanks for all pictures and info on building.
  11. modelmotor
    modelmotor Admin
    Hallo Admin
    A couple of days ago i did send you a message with a questionin it
    I should like to receive a reply from you,but till today nothing received
    and nothing heard from you.
    I hope that will reply me soon so that i know about my question and a couple
    of questions more.
    Greetings from modelmotor my forum and thread name.
    I from The Netherlands -Europe.
  12. natalefr
    We are on this planet but we are not from this planet
  13. editux
  14. modelmotor
    modelmotor Admin
    Hallo Admin
    I am already a member from your website HMEM for several years now.I paid the money to be a lifetime supporter for sometime ago.So i am a lifetime spporter now,but i can n't find back that i am a lifetime supporter on your new website.I hope that you can tell what has changed that the name lifetime supporter has moved from your site.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    modelmotor-The Netherlands-Europe.
  15. James M Price
    James M Price
    Please Let me Introduce Myself
  16. srp
    srp deverett
    Hello Dave, is this how i PM you? i are new to this?
  17. natalefr
    natalefr omar76
    Azz che memoria che hai si' é vero adesso ricordo, mi hai presentato un tizio che aveva fatto un grosso motore a vapore, era nei paraggi della stazione centrale
  18. e.picler
    e.picler natalefr
    Be welcome to here Natalefr. You will find lot of help if you need it and as well as experiences from the members.

    Good luck.

    1. natalefr
      Thanks :-)
      May 22, 2018