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  1. Guido007
    Guido007 bhusted
    Hello from Germany,

    very nice drawings. My dream ist to build this engine running.
    I just startet with printing this enine in PLA.
    Bevor i start to make all drawings, i like to ask you, if you whant to sell your CAd Files?


  2. Moper361
    Moper361 George Punter
    Hi George i thought i would private message i hope you do not mind .George do you have an email address i would like to send some photos of the lathe im interested in with the tooling .you maybe able to give me an idea if its worth it or like you say keep looking at hare and forbes etc
  3. patternmaker
    patternmaker Jack3M
    Once you have filed the parting line, you then need to grab the flyheel inbetween the spokes, preferably with a six jaw chuck , since this needs to run as true as possible to look correct and be as balanced as possible when the engine is running. It will also allow you to machine most of the flywheel without rechucking it and makes it easy to machine the opposite side.
  4. patternmaker
    patternmaker Jack3M
    I would like to throw in some info on general machining of cast flywheels. Unless they are lost wax cast or die cast, they will never be 100% concentric side to side. The first thing you need to do is go around the inside of the rim between the spokes and file the flash off the parting line of the sand casting.
  5. Mac McCaskie
    Mac McCaskie
    Widower, still working part time hermit
  6. Scott Cannon
    Scott Cannon Peter Dowling
    Hi Peter,

    I have a newer Super 7 Plus for sale is you’re still looking. Serial number is SK171149M. I’ve done research and the person from that link in the thread where I found that you’re looking for one sold for $10,800us but that was a long bed model. I’m asking $12,000. Please let me know if you’re interested.


    1. Peter Dowling
      Peter Dowling
      Sorry Scott I didn’t go to my inbox. 12k is double my budget, very nice machine ! Maybe I could squeeze a little more from under the mattress Cheers Peter
      May 31, 2019
  7. robot909
  8. Stevepearson369@gmail
    Would like to thank everyone for their help and advice still learning how to use this forum
  9. phomsunwin
    It is normal to win or lose
  10. David Williams
    David Williams Admin
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


  11. Brian Kestel
    Brian Kestel marksavoca
    Hello Mark,

    I happened upon your posts on this forum regarding your 1/4 Scale Galloway build. I currently own a finished 1/4 Scale Galloway. The “trip lever” has snapped in half. I am by no means a machinist so was wondering if you’d be interested in possibly machining a new one for me? Thanks for your consideration!!

    Brian Kestel
  12. Luc De Wispelaere
    Luc De Wispelaere Angie
    Hello Angie
    I'm a new member, and i have a lot of used CBN and diamond tipped inserts for sale
    Are there conditions attached to offering on the forum?
    They have been used in the industry for a limited time and then they are replaced
    The ones i sell, are all checked with a magnifying glass, they are all in good condition
    Best regards,
    Luc De Wispelaere
    1. Angie
      Apr 4, 2019
  13. Iron-Man
    Iron-Man Porky777
    Hello Porky777
    Do you know if any more of these lathes are available?

  14. MrMetric
    Without failure, you'll never know success...
  15. Dale Gash
    Dale Gash
    New email.
  16. seadragonfoundry
    seadragonfoundry Admin
    I have been offline for a while but I notice that Project of the month winners have that noted on their profile. I was lucky enough to win it in Feb 2014 but it is not noted as such. Is this an oversight or was it not policy back then?
  17. modelmotor
    making a new thread
  18. goldstar31
    goldstar31 Lloyd-ss
    I was thinking of my earlier comments and maybe your grandson.

    Who knows, he may have the 'gift'

    It certainly exists- as I know.

    I know one or two of my masonic brethren who possess something like that.

    Could be a nice debating topic but hardly amongst - this lot. Saints preserve us.

    cheers or Norm
  19. ddmckee54
    Too many irons - not enough fire.
  20. beuford