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  1. peter cook
  2. steelspray38
    New email address
  3. Arild
    Arild ThomasSK
    Hei, Jeg bor i Lierskogen (nær Drammen). Hvor bor du? Jeg støper i vei, men trenger hjelp til å lage kjerne-former med natrium silikat.
  4. Beckerdi
    Hi! I'm the widow of Martin Becker (former owner of Coles' Power Models) and long time family members of the Los Angeles Live Steamers.
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  5. robbay
    Naval cannon, breech loaders including Gatling, Armstrong 9pdr. etc.1st. steam engine was built in 2015. Of late 2 Jan Ridders designs.
  6. pfb
    Making drawings of traction engines and copper boilers (63)
  7. nel2lar
    nel2lar Jennifer Edwards
    That is one fine looking engine and if it's anything like you it will be a head turner. I am looking forward to follow your build. You just continue with that dream because dreams do come true. Can not wait to see your engine.
    1. Jennifer Edwards
      Jennifer Edwards
      Nelson, Thank you for the nice compliments. I just got home from the midlands model engineering show last night, so will be back to work on my beam engine.
      BTW, whilst there I picked up a beautiful working ball governor kit that I am going to use to replace the non functioning one that came with the engine castings.
      Hope to hear from you soon,
      Oct 21, 2018 at 8:38 PM
  8. Jennifer Edwards
    Jennifer Edwards
    Status: Retired young and living the dream
  9. Bob44
    Building Rupnow 4 cycle, past successful projects; Farm Boy, Red Wing air cooled, liquid cooled Stirling. Unsuccessful: Many.
  10. barryc
    Location; Warwickshire, UK
  11. cox24711
    Currently going through my 11th year of school. Wanting to become a mechanical engineer.
  12. dovestoncad
  13. goldstar31
    Just North of Hadrian's Wall
  14. joneb
    Retired Engineer
  15. mortimer
  16. GrahamJTaylor49
    Living in Verwood Dorset, Semi retired. Did my apprenticeship with Vickers Armstrong and BAC as an aircraft toolmaker.
  17. bobs7-62steamair
    bobs7-62steamair Cessnadriver
    Hi Mark: Your Pay Pal came thru fine, will ship your plug this afternoon. The Gold Andodized plug is the same thread and hex size as the VR-1 I sold you if you are interested. Will sell all the remaining stock of plugs at 50% of listing price including free shipping to your location if interested.
    Bob E
  18. bobs7-62steamair
    bobs7-62steamair Cessnadriver
    Mark: Believe I successfully sent the request for payment via Pay Pal, let me know if it goes thru OK and I will receive confirmation from them and ship ASAP. Suggest you send your address for shipment via PM.
    Bob E
  19. bobs7-62steamair
    bobs7-62steamair Cessnadriver
    Honestly not sure how to invoice under pay pal, will check and get back to you. Give me a PM and I will give you email address to credit to if that will accomplish. Am I shipping to lower 48?
    Bob E
  20. bobs7-62steamair
    Located in SW Missouri