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Niels Abildgaard
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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

My Boxford is open to challenge by all Southbends and has two Timkem tapered rollerbearings.
Shielded with an air gap of 0.1 mm and gets some fresh grease on X-mas.

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Kind regards

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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

Chuck: Do you belong to either of the Logan lathe boards?

Stan in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. 53.40NĀ* 113.5W
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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

With the Belleville washers, think about this, the tapered roller bearing, when side loaded, as when cutting, would naturally try to deflect, and climb a bit out of the outer race, this force will be countered by the rear bearing, but the spring washer will have to allow some movement in an axial direction, and that compression of the washers, however slight, will show up in the finish of the workpiece. If the compressive preload force of the washers was to exceed the axial forces of cutting action, then there may not be a problem. But it would be a fair amount of work to find out.

To groove the bearing cup EDM would be first choice, but at a $$$cost. buy a carbide grooving tool that is about half or a little more that the groove needed, about 250 sfm and plenty of lube, may need earphones for the squeal.
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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

Hi Chuck
I find this interesting topic with all the varied views on how to do this job. It all come down to personal preferences based on Experience and access to the right information. Taper roller bearings will carry the greatest loading and is a preferred option.

This can be achieved if you machine a "Circlip Groove in the headstock bearing housing to support the "Outer Race".

Being familiar with "Logan Lathes" by there reputation only. I will not attempt to make a call as to why they have ball bearings in the headstock.
Take this a observation only

The bloke that designed it got it accepted by his peers and has served very well on this and many more machines World Wide
this is a fine machine and will still be capable of doing a good job for many years to come.

Enjoy it Chuck

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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

Considering that your lathe is not in a production environment the replacement bearings will out live your use of the lathe. Now consider the person that will inherit it or perhaps purchase it from your estate after you are gone. If you change the original design you will devalue it considerably, even if that upgrade enhanced it's performance.

You did not post the width of your 50 X 80 bearings so I am going to assume they are 16 wide which is the most common width for this size bearing. Personally I would purchase the same size bearings and leave it in a stock condition. A quick check of reveals a better replacement bearing due to it's maintenance free sealed design and they only cost $9.95 each.
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Default Re: Lathe Headstock Bearing Replacement Recommendations?

I'd recommend staying with the original bearings. Tapered roller bearings are generally used in pairs with preload, a radial load outside the pair results in an axial load that is carried by the second bearing. The higher the contact angle in the bearing the greater the resulting axial load. In your case you'll be applying that axial load to the ball bearing. Ball bearings aren't great for that type of loading. When machining away from the headstock you'll be removing the preload on the tapered bearing as you compress the Belleville washers.
It may work fine but may cause some unwanted results.

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