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Default Simple IC engine

What is the simplest IC engine that can be built from stock and how difficult is it to bulid and get running? Have seen Jan ridders simple two stroke but some people say its hard to get going.


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Brian Rupnow
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Default Re: Simple IC engine

I vote for the Webster. Plans are free, thousands have been built, and they are easy to get running.---Brian

Brian Rupnow
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Default Re: Simple IC engine

I vote for the Nemett 15s, its a very nice simple engine to build in either water or air cooled versions and all from bar stock. It runs well and has a long series of how to make it in the Model Engineer magazine.


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Default Re: Simple IC engine

I did a Webster as my first I/C. I think because being the plans were complimentary on the internet, I could study them for awhile before getting all in. Very satisfied with the results with some self doubt along the way, I am now comfortable taking on I/C. Read about my experiance as a novice builder here! http://www.homemodelenginemachinist....p?topic=8256.0
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Default Re: Simple IC engine

How about Gingery's Atkinson cycle, build is described step by step and runs easily and very well.
Book is available from Lindsay's.

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Default Re: Simple IC engine

Knowing what machines are at your disposal and the level of confidence/experience you possess in machining would have a direct impact on the answer to your question. If one has free access to a lathe and milling machine, and has the skills to run them, it greatly increases the choices that one has to choose from. Probably the 'simplest' engine option would be "The Webster" as has already been mentioned. Those drawings can be accessed in the downloads section on this site. The Jan Ridder's engines are relatively simple and straight forward as well (although they are in metric format) and should not present any more difficulties to get running if all of the fits are held to a close tolerance. The same can be said for The Webster, or any engine for that matter. If the valves are not painstakingly attended to in terms of getting them to seal 100% and attention to the piston to cylinder wall isn't properly executed, any engine, no matter how simple or complex in mechanical nature will be next to impossible to get running. Best of luck.

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Default Re: Simple IC engine

The simplest engine is probably going to be a 2 stroke. Crankshaft and piston ports do all the valving, Model airplane fuel and glow plug are cost effective and all you need to get it started is a 1.5 Volt battery. Carb can be a fixed carb with a simple spraybar. Check ou the .60 2-stroke plans I uploaded a while back.

Oh - and another plus - no gears.
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Default Re: Simple IC engine

Thanks for replys, i do have machines cnc and manual, i have built Jan Ridders twin cyl vacuum engine with internal valves and am trying to get it going at the moment but not sure if it will go . I have no experience with an IC engine and was just woundering if it would be possible for me.

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Default Re: Simple IC engine

Hi Speedhound

You may find my experience building Jans Simple Two Stroke of interest.

As you will see I did have initial problems to get it to run. After increasing the compression with a modified piston and cylinder head the engine now starts and runs without any problems. I feel that for anyone taking a first step into IC engines should opt for a 2 stroke for a better chance of success.


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