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Default AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

I'm a newbie and found the forum with a Google search on "Draftsight review". I have spent a lot of time on the "Draftsight - Free 2D CAD" thread. WOW, some excellent information and recommendations. The tutorial information provided by BigOnSteam is simply OUTSTANDING!!

I have enrolled in a "Drafting with CAD" course at a local community college. Although not a AutoCAD course, the school recommends AutoCAD R2000 - R2008. So I'm looking for a AutoCAD LT work-alike.

It looks like Draftsight is pretty well thought of on this forum. I can not find reference to DoubleCAD XT which is touted as a Auto CAD LT work-alike.

I have downloaded both Draftsight and DoubleCAD XT (both free) to determine how much of a AutoCAD LT work-alike they actually are.

This is frustrating, because I minimal CAD skills and have never used AutoCAD LT!!!

I find Double CAD XT more intuitive and user-friendly than Draftsight (maybe because DoubleCAD XT is so much like TurboCAD) but not sure of the AutoCAD LT work-alike element.

What I'm hoping for is some of the CAD experts on this forum that have used Auto CAD and Draftsight to download DoubleCAD XT, compare the packages in terms of user friendliness and AutoCAD LT work-alike. I would be very interested in your findings and opinions!!

Like I've said, I found the forum from my interest in CAD. But after a brief look at the site, now I'm looking at model engine machining aspect too! Looks very interesting!!

Thank you

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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

I haven't tried those programs, but I can tell you that ProgeCAD 2009 Smart! is extremely similar to autoCAD LT, at least for the 2D stuff. That program is available at . It's free, but if you like the program they would appreciate it if you made a charitable donation to "Doctors Without Borders."

It's not supposed to work with 64-bit W7, but I installed it and it does work, mostly. There are a couple of glitches, but I haven't found anything that is a real problem.

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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT


First post and think I can help on this. Been using AutoCAD professionally since 1994, started with release 12 for dos and now using LT2011, used everything in between. Taught City and Guilds for a while at the local college.

Bought a new laptop in January, Windows 7 and my latest licenced for home use AutoCAD which is 2002 will not install. I don't use CAD at home much now but occationally its very useful and I didn't want to spend the money to buy the latest 2011 LT for use it would get, cannot get Academic software now unfortunately. Back in 1996 I bought a copy of TurboCAD and hated it thus tried to avoid paying for useless software. Started to look and came across DoubleCAD XT, loaded it up and it looked pretty much like AutoCAD and worked OK to produce a simple drawing. The more I did with it the more differences I found and I hate having to refer to manuals constantly. When the Pro version reverted to the standard version after a month I lost the ability to create blocks and fell out with the programme, its a vital tool for me.

Then found Draftsight, wish I had found it earlier. Not found anything missing yet, works exactly like AutoCAD and have not even looked at the guide or help screens. Found one bug that you will probably never notice being a new CAD user, Draftsight are aware and sorting but it does not affect the programme. To me Draftsight is like using an earlier version of AutoCAD LT say 2007, before the programme became too bloated and expensive. Draftsight appears to use a little less RAM but there is sod all in it, both run fine on Windows 7 64 bit but Draftsight is a much smaller download.

Bottom line is Draftsight is more like AutoCAD than DoubleCAD regardless of what it says on the websites. Both work fine but for me the clear winner is Draftsight simply because you can migrate between AutoCAD and Draftsight without even having to remember you are in a different programme.

Hope that helps.

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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

I have Draftsight and Progecad installed on my computer at home and I find them to both be very AutoCad compatable. Draftsight seems to run just a little slower and does handle viewing 3D while ProgeCad Smart was only 2D. To draw in 3D you will need to get something PregecCad Pro($400) or some other CAD program that is sure to cost more.

I need to get Linux installed on my desktop at home and see how Draftsight for Linux compares.

I Like both of these programs, but use ProgeCad more because of the 3D stuff I have been playing with.
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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

Ditto's here on Draftsight. I have been using Autocad (2D only) since the earliy 80's. When my version of ACAD would not load on my latest OS, I took took out several test drives on various "lookalikes" and quickly settled on Draftsight. Since I have used ACAD when it had only a command line interface, and I still use it today, I was quite surprised to find that Draftsight has implemented virtually the same command line structure as ACAD. It is closer to ACAD than anything else out there I have seen. The .dxf outputs also load realiably into my CAM program with ease.

With Draftsight being free, I have loaded it onto my shop computer, my office computer, the family computer and my laptop. Its great to be able to work on a project from any place in the house - even in front of the TV with the family in the evening. Highly recommended.

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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

I just recently bought a laptop Y'know one of those spontaneous purchases I have been pondering for a few years. about all that is available is the win 7 64 platform.
the wife uses the main computer a lot a have a second one for my cnc and a third older one for on line and whatever.
I want to be able to draw with the laptop . I did download draft sight. will probably have to upgrade the alibre cad.

Kf2qd and suttonseven
Please post an intro in the welcome sub fora when you get a chance. welcome to the board.
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Default Re: AutoCAD LT vs Draftsight vs DoubleCAD XT

Probably been about 6 months now since my original posting and done quite a bit more design for parts for the kit car and modifications to the house. Still really happy with Draftsight, only find a few aspects annoying which are 1) setting the paper size - appears it can only done when you print, 2) how the paper sheet appears in a tab - no page outline other than viewport line, 3) moving and drawing certain entities - they can dissappear during the operation, 4) editing polylines - does not show which vertex you are editing. 2 , 3 and 4 may be caused by conflicts with my graphics card since they concern how the screen displays but they are exactly the same on both my laptops and one is XP and the other Win 7. All in all I am more than delighted.

Installed the mentioned progeCAD Smart 2009 on the XP laptop. It is another excellent product and actually it does not have the 4 annoying aspects mentioned above. It appears to use less memory as well even though its a bigger download and uses .dwg files. I actually prefer it slightly to Draftsight, its that good. The only annoyances are the watermark it prints, easy to get round that, use Draftsight to print and the fact it will not open the very latest 2011 AutoCAD files, Draftsight will, just convert them. Its main problem is it is not Win 7 compatible. Found a site on the web that described a way to install it in compatibility mode but it just locked up the laptop, maybe the method was for a 32 bit machine, mine is 64 bit, it did not specify. To use on Win 7 you need to buy the 2011 pro version, at least 200, ouch.

In summary Draftsight is a fine CAD programme and works on all platforms, if you are using XP or earlier give progeCAD smart a go. Both use AutoCAD alias's and have a command line etc, no problem converting between either and AutoCAD. I will continue to use both, they are fine companions.

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Default Multi-line Text Created in Draftsight not Visible in AutoCAD LT

I found this thread while searching for reviews of Draftsight. I am a civil-site engineer who has only been using CAD regurlarly for the past few years. I have been using AutoCAD LT 2011 but have been using someone for CAD help that uses Draftsight. The only problem we have encountered is that the multiline notes that he creates in Draftsight are not visible when I open the drawing with AutoCAD LT. I have installed Draftsight and the notes show up fine when I open the drawings with it. I guess I could just use Draftsight when reviewing his drawings but I am more familiar with AutoCAD and my plot setups work better with it. Has anyone else encountered this problem and is there a way around it other than using Draftsight to view and plot the drawings?

Thanks for the help.
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Can anyone recommend Draftsight as a good 2D architectural drafting program? Thanks.

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Default draftsight / cad

Heres is my 2 cents.

I teach CAD and Solids Work all I can say is they are all so close exept price range I personaly think that for a home use or hobby you can't make a difference. Sure you might prefer some feature more but i"m simply talking software here and not personal taste

Google sketch is free and handle 3d also

DraftSight is also free, how good is it, same company that does Solidworks

CAD "Autodesk"
have a huge Platform to choose from Run away from 2011 I loved the 2008 to 2010 they just keep hidding stuff for nothing

Solidworks a very strong program I don't think it's users freindly

I did try Alibre liked the trial version but din't keep it I have enought

If your a student you can get any version of "Autodesk FREE "


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