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Default Re: miniature boring bars

I needed to bore a small, shallow fit, so I took an old end mill and ground all of the flutes off
but one. Then I ground clearance behind that flute to make it a small boring bar.

It worked great!
But, it wasn't my own idea.
A guy I used to work with came up with that solution to boring a small hole on our CNC turning center.

Thanks B.Todd!


Seriously, how many times can THAT happen in one day?
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Default Re: miniature boring bars

I've had pretty good luck boring using carbide end mills. I have lots that have one edge chipped. I arrange the bit in the lathe tool holder in such a fashion that the remaining sharp edge is doing the cutting/boring. I find carbide end mills in the small sizes pretty stiff. Hard to find any other material in small sizes that stiff. And, the angles seem about right for boring too.
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Default Re: miniature boring bars

I've been known to use old end mills as well-- set 'em at a bit of an angle to provide clearance and away you go.
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Default Re: miniature boring bars

Thanks guys, for all your helpful responses
I apologize for not replying back earlier, but I forgot about this thread, then tonight I was looking at this area of the forum, and seen the title "miiniature boring bars", and it caught my attention, then when I seen it was started by me, I figured I would open it up to review it again.
And I seen the added helpful replies.
So that's why the late affirmation.

Jim your V-8 looks and runs like a real champion..
Great job on that build...

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Default Re: miniature boring bars

Bit of a late bump for this thread but....

Why not use a piece of stock silver steel to form your tool? For example take a piece of Stubs 5mm, heat to bright red, flatten one end then use the grinder to make it into a nice cutting shape (harded/hone as required). I've made a few of these for boring smallish holes and they work well - the problem with most standard tools I've tried is that they wont fit in the 'ole.

Just a thought

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Default Re: miniature boring bars

For small boring jobs those Micro 100 solid carbide are the _its for the job. From .125 and up, on ebay I paid like $4 for the little guys, mostly use .230-.490 sizes, generaly around $10 on the bay. There is a guy selling on the bay where he says the bits were used once to cut plastic, I doubted it was true but I bought 2 lots of 5each for $25. The bits did not appear used, and were perfect except no boxes.
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Default Re: miniature boring bars

You must have experience with huge machines. I have only worked on my two Sherlines, and a 1/8 boring bar is quite normal sized... I ground an other small boring bar today, this time I took photos.


take care,
tom in MA

tom in MA, US
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