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Default Fusion 360 learning ?s

Thank for the tips will try them also.

I did start with Lars' tutorial and made it thru on first time as most of the others I watched. I've also done some searching for a glossary, or dictionary style terms and am not the only one asking, but we are ALL NOT GETTING IT. So the term absolute beginner is somewhat misleading. I am absolute beginner to cad all around and don't know enough to even know what to ask or how to find the answer without doing the whole course over and over again. Example being the differences between extrudes, revolves, lofts, and sweeps. Real world terms would mean.
Extrudes- pushing or pulling metal in factory environment
Revolves- spinning the part
Lofts-, anything or room above you on the second floor without a door
Sweeps- getting rid of things by sweeping
Patch- fixing a hole in something with glue or thread
So this is what I mean by term defining

Now while I can have a part drawed in 3D extremely easy, it being workable is another story. Fusion lessons are very basic. Say a recipe calls for salt, ok how much, fusion states it simply as add salt--- well I'm missing why and how much and when to add and what the heck is salt.

Now for someone proficient in cad terms I think fusion tutorials are great, but to us Newbies it is like trying to decipher hieroglyphics.

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maybe whats needed is a "Fusion how to thread" if you have a problem and no one else can help, then maybe you can hire the A....... oh, sorry drifted off there.
as said in an earlier post. most lessons are done using a none world part and it was designed just to show you how to do that lesson. In the Fusion thread, a question can be asked and if it becomes a bit wordy, a teamviewer can be set up. Or better still, with in Fusion you can invite guests to your Fusion.

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As a start:
Sketches are old fashioned 2D drawings that form the basis for the rest.
Extrudes, revolves, sweeps, and lofts in the model world make SOLID objects.
In the patch world they make SURFACES.

Surfaces seem to me to be more fussy than solids. Below are some solid passages I created that represent the exhaust and transfer passages in a high performance two stroke engine. The actual passages are formed by combining them using the combine cut function in another solid body. My attempts to model them with surfaces wasn't successful.

These shapes were modeled from sketches that were revolved , lofted and/or extruded into solids then cut to shape with another sketch. The exhaust was formed with lofts while the transfers were formed with revolves that were cut with extrudes. I'll walk through how I did this in another post as well as how I modeled propellers using surfaces.

Lohring Miller

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Transfers side view.jpg   Transfers top view.jpg   Exhaust side view.jpg   Exhaust top view.jpg   Transfers + Exhaust.jpg  

40 x 56 - 20 rake.jpg  
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