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Default Palmgren angle vise

I just got this used Palmgren angle vise off the big on-line auction site. No one bid against me so I probably paid to much.
These questions are for anyone who owns a similar vise. Being it it used, there was no instruction sheet with it. It looks like the previous owner added washers to both sides of the angle adjusting plates.

A) Does your vise have four washers per side?

B) Do you tighten the pivot shaft nuts each time you adjust the angle?

C) Are there any shortfalls I should be aware of when using this vise?

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Hey im looking at one i got on my bench right now. It might be a no name but likely has the same flaws.

First thing i did was to fab new support plates out of thicker stock. This due to the originals being bent and flimsy.

The washers are likely there because the castings and machining in these vises is crap. On mine one side is noticeably off set from the base requiring washers. On the left side the fit is fairly good, no washers required. So yeah the washers are probably required.

Beyond the side plate fix i haven't done much more to address issues with the vise. Ultimately it will be a drill press vise. It might be useful on a mill if i had one but lets face a cheap Chinese screwless vise is a 100 times better quality wise.

As for using it right now i just keep the side plates tight.

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Default Palmgren angle vise

Here's a pic of mine. Same but mine just says university of Houston. Likely the 4 washers are doubled up, Using one per screw when tightening they tend to bend. So as you see no washers on bottom of angle plate. And mine also has two screws that tighten the base to the vise,vs a a thru nut and bolt.

As for tightening, I tightened them all every time. Was only way to stop any movement, especially the big ones. They are a little cumbersome at first but with a few try's you should pick it up rather easily
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I have a homemade angle vise and always tighten all 3 pivot points on bothsides. If washers are doubled up then they are too flimsy,make up your own extra thick with less hole clearnce and bigger od .If the side plates are flimsy or bent then again make new ones.Take it apart and refurbish its
well worth the effort.I also engraved it for std angles etc etc
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I confess to actually owning one. It came as a 'freebie' with my Warco mill/drill and on a cursory examination, the bolt was a rattling fit in the casting. I used it once or twice in desperation until I got a sort of moderately decent Vertex swivel vice and a RDG three way. affair with little graduations.

I never got round to trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Having said that, I did buy one of these quite awful 2 way vices that must be made by the hundred per bowl of rice. With a little bit of judicious scraping etc , they make quite passable tool and cutter grinders.

and it is now a blizzard!



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