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Nick Hulme
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If they added a compact, lightweight generator system and a little more wing area to that Ducted Fan (it's not a jet!) battery job to make it a Hybrid I could see it being practical now using battery for takeoff, landing and urban flight.

W.C. Fields said "You can't cheat an honest man", he should have followed that with "But, you can always find a credulous fool if you need one"
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I don't see any large manufacturers putting money into basic piston engine research. The current crop of aircraft piston engines use the best 1940s technology. Turbines have completely replaced piston engines at the higher power levels and in helicopters. They are far superior in reliability and power to weight compared to piston engines. Electric motors should be even more reliable. There are also innovations that will reduce electric motor size and weight. Batteries are the main issue and they are rapidly improving.

Large automobile manufacturers are also starting to put their R&D into electric power and self driving cars. Automobile diesel engines are dead in Europe amid emissions scandals. I expect truck diesels to follow eventually. Several European countries are planning to ban piston engine cars in the near future. China requires automobile manufacturers to build 8% of their future production with electric power.

All that said, I love piston engine technology, especially two strokes. I just don't see a bright future for them. I fondly remember sitting in passenger airplanes while they started those four giant radials. Turbines don't have the same appeal. The quiet of electric motors has no appeal at all. They just get the job done.

Lohring Miller

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