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Default Tool Holders

The quick change tool holder on my lathe seems to be a bit of an orphan and I have not been able to source a supply for the tool holders at a reasonable cost. The local agent has them for $68 each which is more than I am willing to pay. I had some 2011 aluminium so yesterday I made one and will now test it to see if it is strong enough for the job. The originals are steel with a ground finish. My lathe is small, 250mm swing with a 1 HP motor so I don't suppose the load on the tool holder will be all that great, so here is my question. Does anyone know how to calculate the loads? I imagine that if the holder was loaded to the point of failure it would fracture somewhere around the base of the tool but that's a guess. Deflection would be more with the aluminium holder but would it be enough to affect accuracy? I intend to test this over the next week and if I cannot see any discernible difference I will go ahead and make a further ten. I have posted a few pics, in the first, the original is on the right. Opinions invited, Cheers, Peter

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I personally would not be happy with alum,HOWEVER you have done a great job of making it,it should work well but i dont think it will last as long as
a quality steel one.At some point it will start to deform but let us know
Also depends how hard you treat it,light cuts ok but heavy cuts ??
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I'd assume it would be strong enough to work by the looks of it, but I'd expect it to flex on heavyish cuts. To test I'd say take the heaviest cut you normally make then take another pass and judge how much more cutting is being done on the 'spring' cut. The holders do look like they'd be tough to make in steel. If you need lots of extra holders it may be better to replace the QCTP with something more common and easier to make holders for in the long run. If you only need a couple it might just be cheaper to pay the $68 (as expensive as that is).
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Kerrin Galvin
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Hi Pete,
$68 is a bit step, but I canít talk as it cost me $40 MORE to have the holder water cut for the knurling tool to Bazmakís design! Yours look pretty close to a Dickson design. Have you checked out Chronos in the UK? They do a 5 pac at a freely reasonable rate. Thereís a guy here in NZ who does single holders cheaper than your quote, given exchange rates .........

Cheers Kerrin
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After the first few uses check that the cap screws holding the cutter do not become loose. That would be an early sign that the lower portion of aluminium is deforming.

I had a similar decision to make regarding cost of a QCTP. I ended up making custom tool holders for carbide inserts and these were milled to be exactly on centre. About as fast at changing a QCTP holder I can change a tool. It solved my needs inexpensively.
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Nice work on the tool holders. That is a complex piece and they look great. This is not scientific, but judging from the look of your cutting tools, you are not going to be doing heavy hogging cuts. It is my opinion your aluminum tool holders will do a fine job on the majority of your work. I took just a quick look at material properties. Your 2011 is a bit stronger than 6061. 7075 would boost yield strength by 50% and give strength a bit above 1018 steel.

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Nice job on the holders! If you find you have too much flex maybe you could try to make a holder with a pocket instead of a slot. Kind of like a boring bar holder. Giving the size of your tool you probably won't have to worry about that though. Let us know how it works out.
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Hi Peter,

I would be nervous of using it for parting off. Having a nasty dig in would be the ultimate test.
I make my own T2 holders out of damaged fork lift truck forks. If you can get some the steel makes for very tough tool holders.
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Default tool holder price

I do not think $68 is a out of line price for a good holder{I would not buy 10 at that price, if that is what you need}, I would not probable try and make one for that price. That tool holder you made looks real good....
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I was given a BXA in AL, when used on cuts it is NG, you could see it flex. But for holding a thread cutter works fine, and that's all it is used for.

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