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Your last post looks very interesting, if it is not worn out. I have seen many posts about these "mini knee mills" and those who have them seem to like them. (Somebody please chime in here.)

If you are not aware, Little Machine Shop also sells the rigid column to convert your X2, and other parts to extend its capabilities. If I were in your situation and had the space, I'd try to do that AND buy one of the other options you have considered, but I love redundant capability as I am usually working on several things at the same time.

If you are looking at larger tooling cutting larger hunks of steel, you probably want the additional power, not to mention the additional rigidity of the machines you are thinking of getting.

Please let us know how you get on.


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Shopshoe, Iíve looked at the solid column conversion but would likely do that and the larger table, so now itís not so far off in price from the whole mill, especially if I then turn around and sell my current mill. But if I can score the small knee mill for a good price Iíd rather the money go there and still have the old X2 for smaller jobs/backup etc.

It seems the knee mill pic I attached is basically like the one that harbor freight and others sell. I just had no frame of reference in size. So my assumption is itís probably a 28x6 table or thereabouts. Iím also assuming it puts the weight at somewhere near 800lbs, which is probably just small enough to use in my basement little shop and not have to setup in the garage.

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Others might have better info, but that style of mill comes under various colors & labels. I suspect a bit more stout than my RF-45 & its a knee style vs. RF-45 entirely on the quill. The better of the era were typically from Taiwan, but the current Chinese flavors might have caught up & be about the same. Somewhat similar to this modern Grizzly for example.

Because of the belt drive, they are quiet & apparently make very nice VFD motor conversions.

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