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Default Re: Welcome!!

Hello everyone, I have been building a v-twin for a while now and been surfing the net for info and came aqcross this site. Fabulous! From what i am reading there are a lot of knowledgable guys out there. nice to know I am not the only one crazy enough to put myself through the arduous task of trying to build something from nothing and make it run. I have been interested in machines since I was akid but it has taken a life time to gain enough experience and equipment to build these things.

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Project of the Month Winner!!!
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Welcome Tigman...what plans are your working from. Would love to see pics of your progress as well.


skype: william.lindsey.iii
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Default Re: Welcome!!

I signed in to show you this auction. Someone was looking for this rod.
Category: November 23 2010 MIOA Muskegon, Mi. Consignment Auction
Start Time: Tue Nov 23 2010 6:00:00 AM
Closes: Tue Nov 23 2010 9:00:00 PM
or 10 minutes after last bid.


Lot 4266H4 5lbs Royal 120 FC 3/16There are several of these, all the same size. Could buy all rod cheep and have them shipped.( In the states only.) Normal price is around $14.00 a LB.
Do as you wish, just trying to help.
I enjoy finding items for people, I'm always looking.
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Default Re: Welcome!!

No, I do not build engines. I raise beef cattle and love fabricating stuff, welding brazing and such.
In truth, I just admire all of your group's talent and ability for detail. No one understands the mental discipline it takes to turn out one of the beautiful engine's.
I do and their great. A work of art , in my book.
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Hi All; Just hope that I am posting in the correct area. I have spent some time looking for a way to select different forums and just gave this a try.
I am retired (19 years now) and after retirement purchased some metal working equipment and went about learning the hard way. My goal is to complete a model of a single cylinder farm engine, I have had the kit of casting for more than enough time to let them age properly!

Regard Jack
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Thank you for having such a forum and for inviting all to participate!!

Greetings from the Albuquerque area of New Mexico -- where today it's really cold (for us desert rats) --

I have no skills in lathe or milling metal materials but I'm anxious to expand my abilities in those areas with the intent of making model engines -- such as stirling engines -- and doing home projects which are both fun and possibly useful. It seems likely to me that I can learn a great deal from the forum you have AND I'd like very much to find some people near me that I can get to meet and learn from

Does anyone know of a club or group that I might meet somewhere in central or northern New Mexico which has interest in building small working engines?

I recently retired from a career in engineering so I have some skills in math and computer modeling but have very limited hands-on skills in physically building metal devices in a precise manner necessary to create a working engine.
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Metaldestroyer: A slightly belated Welcome to HMEM Jack. The holiday in the USA got in the way of the the welcome committee. Actually, around HMEM that committee included every one. From your email address I assume that you are in Canada. If so you are in good company as some of our most active members are in Canada. Dust of those castings and get started. If you have not built a model engine before, it may be prudent to do a simple bar stock engine or two before attacking the castings. What set of castings do yo have?

Blackie: Welcome to HMEM to you also. I am on the west side of Albuquerque in Paradise Hills. Only one other model engineer in the Albuquerque area is active that I know of. That is Lew Hartswick and he is a member of HMEM also. He is mostly into tooling and I mostly build engines of all kinds. I will be glad to help you get started building engines and with 3 of us that would almost make a club. Do you have any machine tools yet?

Gail in NM
Gail in New Mexico, USA
I would like to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Gee, so many new faces at once

Guys...........Welcome to our forum.

Best Regards
Its hard to remember your objective was to drain the swamp when your up to your neck in alligators.Если вы у Тетушки были яйца, она была бы Дядюшкой
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Default Re: Welcome!!

Its great to be a member at last, I feel accepted thank you all!
This is the best site of its kind I have come across, I'm like a kid in a sweet shop with all the great content and kindred spirits. Hope i can get out of the armchair and start contributing
regards Stewart

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Dave Querin
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Default Re: Welcome!!

I'm a new guy as of May last year. I'm a bit slow getting going here due to a major health setback that has taken since May to recover from. I'm still not out of the woods and am facing another surgery in a week or so.

I'm in my 7th year of retirement and have been a model builder all my life. During my working years I developed an interest in model engineering and always wanted to build engines. I bought a Sherline lathe shortly after they went on the market and after a couple of years sold it and moved up in size to a 6" Atlas lathe. I spent my hobby budget on the necessary accessories and attempted a couple of simple barstock engines with mixed success.

Over the years I acquired several casting sets for engines I would build "one day", a couple of those I wanted to use to power RC boats. One being the Stuart D10 steam engine that I intended to put in a tugboat. I did assemble an engine from Stuart's machined casting set and ran it on air years ago, but it's been sitting ever since. I purchased copper tubing from a long defunct company called "The Steamfitter" intending to build a 5" center flue boiler to power the tug which never got built.

I also acquired castings for the Stuart Twin Launch engine, the Stuart 10V engine, and a Hubbard marine engine. I find myself with for me, a lifetime of work to get these engines built.

Meanwhile, around the time I retired I got interested in RC sailboats which I find extremely enjoyable. I have several in my fleet and have been traveling about the country sailing in regattas and making new friends. It has been much fun.

I found this group and joined to plug into the community and perhaps get my sorry butt in gear and start working on some of these engine kits I have collected. Alas, the health issues have me rethinking priorities. I am seriously considering selling off some or all of these engines and simplifying my life so to speak. It is a decision I am reluctant to make because I have had such a long time interest in the model engineering world. But reality sets in and I think I have to be more selective where I can get the most enjoyment from my modeling efforts. Also, there are competence and cost issues at work. I'm not an accomplished machinist and there is still tooling and material cost to be considered in getting model engines built and running. So it looks like I'm going to start the process of divesting myself of these engines. I am planning on digging them out and taking some photos that can be used to Illustrate the various engine sets, but I probably won't get to it before the next surgery on the 10th.

The reason for this rambling story is to see if any of the folks in this group would have any interest in these engines. I'm not a big ebay fan and really don't want to go through all of the whoo-ha of setting up an account, etc., to get these items on the market. I have lurked here just enough to know there are some nice folks and consumate craftsmen associated with the group and that these items would find good homes and be brought to life.

I will try to get a list of what I have and what I would like to get for them together and post it as soon as I figure out how to do that. In the meantime if anyone has interest in any of the above described materials drop me an e-mail. If any are within driving distance of Youngstown, Ohio drop in for coffee and a visit.

More later, meanwhile Happy New Year to all.
Dave Querin

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