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Hello. I'm a novice from NZ Wellington. In recent years, with the kids pushing into their late teens, I have discovered the joy of making physical things and started out into woodworking. Working with metal seemed the next progression. Besides I think they complement each other quite well. Anyway, I'm in the process of deciding on kit to purchase. It's looking like it will need to be new as finding second hand lathes/mills that are not MASSIVE seems to be a lost cause. Therefore Sieg look like they will get some of my dollars. An SC4 Lathe seems the best bet at the moment to start off with. Big enough not to out grow fast but not so massive that it can't be man handled. An SX3 Mill is a distant want, it will just have to wait until I have proven myself some with the lathe.

Anyway, I'll immerse myself in all the build and tool threads for a while then come up for air and start asking a bunch of noob questions. Well, hopefully not too noob like after all the reading and watching of videos. ;-)


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Welcome aboard James. Always nice to have a new member.

Mark T

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Welcome James, don't be afraid to ask any questions, no matter how simple you think they are. There are plenty of members who will help out.

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Default From SoCal

Longtime lurker, thought I ought to be sociable an check in.
This is a great resource that I enjoy more and more, it takes time and effort to make this forum so successful and I for one really appreciate it.
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Welcome James, looking forward to see what project you get into

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Hello everybody. My name is Adrian and my city is Warsaw
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Default musician turned machinist!!!

hey gang! brand new to machining for the most part, i started helping out in the shop at my work, so i have full disposal to the tools/machines there. nothing special, a bridgeport, and a few lathes, all manual stuff. i only work with stainless steel, brass and aluminum for the most part, i have a lot to learn about other metals in general. anyway, i am trying my hand at machining compressed air motors, and have built several now. i will post them up in the appropriate sections when i look around on here. before this job, i spent the majority of my life as a working musician, traveling the globe making music for twenty plus years. those fifteen minutes are up, and building side projects has taken my creative interests. i have a couple of cool muscle cars i mostly built, and "side machining" has taken my interest as of late. ok, see you all around in here!

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Greetings from Green Bay Wisconsin. I'm a welder fabricator at a metal finishing plant. I've been building and modifying two strokes since I was a kid. Seems the next logical step is to start scratch building motors. I've been building motor assisted bicycles for a decade now, it's my greatest hobby. I think I bit off more than I can chew for my first project, but I'm converting a two stroke to a four stroke by using the crank and bottom end of a two stroke bicycle engine, and making a cylinder and head with ohc. I'll be starting a build thread with progress after I get in the replacement gears for my lathe,
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Hi Davey

Access to A Bridgeport Mill and as you put it "A few lathes " is something many of us would love to have

Brass and Alumin(i)um (Sorry, I'm English) are ideal materials for a newcomer, very forgiving .
But Stainless Steel isn't , That's jumping right in the deep end, It fights you all the way, Ask any of the "old masters" at your works or here.
Most excellent (Bill & Ted) if you are mastering it, it is tricky stuff, very narrow feed and speed band, too slow or shallow it will work harden and blunt almost anything you shove at it, too fast or deep and "clink" broken tool and much cursing

Compressed air motors, are they reciprocating ones with proper valves and pistons or little air turbines

I love both , "up and downers" as my dad calls 'em ( Royal Navy term) are much more fun to watch , you can see a lot of the various bits actually going up and down and round and round.
But turbines are equally fascinating, listening to one of my dad's tiny steam turbines winding up from cold is amazing, I also love the sound of air tools doing their stuff "Clack, Clack, Veep, Veep, Nut off

As to music Some years ago I ran a small P.A. Company , about 5KW FOH 2K on foldback , horn loader bottom and top DR for mid

This will mean nothing to most apart from a retired musician like yourself but I too miss it
(The technicians get stage fright too)

P.M. me if you fancy a chat
Best Regards and welcome

Drawing a line on paper is easy. Cutting along it in metal isn't
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Hello all. This looks like an interesting place. I hope to be building a steam engine in the near future out of a door closer, soon as I get some of my gun projects finished up and build a chicken house. Thought I would have more time to do this when I retired. Not that I'm "retired", just so chronically unemployed I decided to make a career of it.

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