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Default what is monel metal

hello everyone, I decided to try my hand at making a trench style cigarette lighter out of a popular science magazine from the 50's and have a few questions.

1. it recommends monel metal. what is that? what would be a good substitute? im trying brass without much success
2. on the flint tube, I must tap the inside to #10 x cant remember the threads. and cut the outside to 3/16 by cant remember the number of threads. sorry im at work and don't have the plans here. but with brass I snap the tube off every time cutting the outside. I have even increased the outside from 3/16 to a 5 mm thread still witout luck. so was wondering if there would be a trick such as annealing the brass first or something. or if I just need to find monel metal.

thanks much.

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Monel metal But where it is actually used, I have no idea

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Monel metals are alloys in the family of stainless steels.316 would be an adequate substitute for what you are doing.Easy to btain and work
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ah, great, I happen to have a stick of 316. just hope its big enough.

I figured it was going to be soft metal since most trench lighters are brass.

thank you very much.

have a great weekend and don't eat to many thanks giving left overs.

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10K Pete
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Monel is a high nickle alloy used in corrosive sea water situations. Most
larger metal dealers will have access to it although its us has been pretty
much been replaced by stainless steel as Monel has a lot of copper in it.

Just tryin'.....
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Charles Lamont
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Monel comes in various grades, but they are all roughly 1/3 copper & 2/3 nickel, with very small amounts of other stuff. The main use in model and to a greater extent full size steam engines is as firebox stays in locomotive type boilers.
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Mark Rand
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It is/was also used for brake pipes in cars when you didn't want them to rust through in a few years.Very good in that application.
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Originally Posted by werowance View Post
but with brass I snap the tube off every time cutting the outside.
Just a thought - is it possible to cut the outside thread while it is still solid, then drill and tap the internal thread after? If you can do it in that order you have a better chance of the part staying in one piece.
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Am I missing something?

#10 major diameter = 0.190 regardless of TPI
3/16 major diameter = 0.188

How can you have a pipe threaded inside and outside with those two dimensions?

The result is nothing but disconnected metal dust particles
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Tin Falcon
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Hastelloy and inconel are similar High nickel alloys

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