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Default Help needed: stirling/flame licker engine cocktail shaker

Now this could be fun!

I have no technical expertise in building stirling or flame licker engine accessories, just a cool idea. I'd like to have a stirling or flame licker model power an old fashioned hand crank butter churner, which would mix a cocktail.

Here is a link to a butter churner:

As far as a visual layout, I am envisioning that the two pieces would sit along side each other, with the pulleys, belts, etc. connecting them in between. Kind of like this:

The pulleys, belts, etc. may have to be on something placed in the middle, like this:

Because the butter churner uses gears, maybe there would be a gear attachment rather than a pulley that powers a gear on the churner, or maybe pulleys power the churner handle instead of a churner gear. I donít know.

Another option may be a rotary tumbler. Here are links for a DIY rotary tumbler: ... rt-ii.html

The main issue, it seems to me, is to select a pulley, or combination of pulleys, that converts the high speed turning of the wheel on the engine to the lower speed required to mix a drink in the butter churner.

The main issues, it seems to me, are:

1) To select a pulley/gears, or combination of pulleys/gears, that converts the high speed turning of the wheel on the engine to the lower speed required to mix a drink in the butter churner.
2) To have an engine with enough power to mix the drink. I haven't bought a model yet. There are many available. I'm trying to figure out if any of them would be powerful enough.

I have two questions:
1) Do you think this technically feasible?
2) If so, I'd like to pay one of you to build it. If you are interested in doing so, please send me a private message.

Thanks and cheers!

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It does sound a bit of a fun idea, I would recommend belts and pulleys over gears, as gears are very good at sapping power from a drivetrain.

Maybe a triple pulley driving a triple pulley so as reduction/verses drag could be played around with. Or a drink could be gently or vigerously mixed.

My thoughts would be a pair of rollers, with a drum for the drink. , this could be a screw together assembly with an o ring seal, the drum then just sits on the rollers and you have minimal friction. The rollers could be small relative to the drum containing the drink, and thus a further reduction ratio in turning say a 2" barrel, with two 3/8" rollers.

I would be a little concerned about power output, most flame lockers, sterling engines are quite underpowered when compared to a steam engine of similar size.

Good luck and I hope the drinks are on you ��

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I would be inclined to agree with the above comments, belt and pulleys would work far better than gears not to mention the cost. Gears are very expensive unless you have the capability to make your own!

I fear the power output from these type of engines won't be enough to accomplish what you're thinking. I myself built a stirling engine and the smallest bit of friction would cause it to freeze. I experimented with plastic pistons as well as metal one's in honed cylinders but it wouldn't work. In the end I had to use a graphite piston in a glass cylinder. If you so much as rest a finger on the flywheel it will stop.

I think your best alternative would be something steam powered, maybe a little beam engine, although again i'm skeptical on the power as i have no experience with these.
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Finding someone to build it or a similar engine for a few bucks maybe the problem
Good luck
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