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Default Hello from Florida

Hello all!
My name is Marshall, I'm 21 years old with a fascination with fabrication and cnc work. R/c car and trucks were a big hobby of mine when I was younger. The fascination with how motors, machines, and all things mechanical started from when I was using Erector sets when i was young.

But sadly life got in the way and I had to grow up quickly and learn how to become an adult. Now his isn't a time for a sob story. Where I was getting to is that I don't have any experience with building fab work or cnc; I never had the resources or abilities to work with stuff like this. The most I got to was r/c trucks and planes.

I was very interested in the topics I was reading on the forums and was wondering if this could be a place to where I could start acquiring my building blocks to finally start working with my hands as a hobbyist and also for my career. I wanna be either a mechanical engineer or aerospace engineer as I'm starting classes next spring to further my education and do what I have always been fascinated with.

If this is not the place for me I completely understand, but I have been searching the internet and to find something along these lines is very rare.

If any of the veteran or even new members could help me and point me in the right direction to help me start learning the basic fundamentals or maybe give me stories of how you all got started it would be grateful.

I believe I have said enough in my introduction.
Please give me a shout! It's a pleasure to meet you all and hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great day everyone.

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Yes I believe this is a place to start. You can find just about anything here. And all the members are very helpful. Welcome and ask just about anything .

If you think you can,you can .If you think you can't you can't ! Where there's a will there's a way !

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You have definitely come to the right place. All ages and lots of experience here.
Hallett cove
South australia
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Hi DrNu,

Marshall, you've come to a good place for help toward model engine building. You can learn a lot here. A very similar site is at Both are great sources for learning about model building and many of us follow both sites.

You've got the first thing this hobby takes and that's your fascination with mechanical things. Like many model builders, I had no machining experience when I started this hobby and until a few years ago, I had no CNC experience either. Follow the forums, read what you can find online and in print. The Home Shop Machinist magazine is a good source. There are many videos on line covering machine work for the hobbyist. Learn what you can about mechanical drawing and learn to use a CAD program. You can use 3D solid modeling software like Fusion 360 or Onshape for no cost. Draftsight is a great 2D CAD package that you can use for no cost. 2D still has it's place and I use both. As you are able, start collecting machines and tooling. Don't be afraid to start with small machines like the Taig, Sherline, or some of the small Asian lathes and mills. Sure, you can't make big parts on little machines, but we don't make big parts as model builders. I have both full size machines and some Taig and Sherline equipment. I use the little machines a lot. Small parts, right? As you begin to get a shop put together, find some simple bar stock engines or other projects and get started. Buy your tooling as you need it. I found it takes time to reach a critical mass of knowledge, tools, and skill, but you'll get there if you get started and keep going. There is a tremendous amount of help out there these days.
Ask questions and don't worry if they seem basic.

Finally, welcome to HMEM and good luck. Dig into those classes next spring. Engineering is a great occupation.


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Hi DrNu...... I am almost old . I am building steamloco . I dont have any knowledge about machining . I studied few weeks in collage workshop . I think I maynot success but I m very happy to try . I like r/c boat instead of r/c plane, because I am not good pilot . I love my boat even sombody said it s very ugly .This site will make you feel that you will not walk alone . Greeting from Saraburi ..

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