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I would like to add my best wishes and hope you will be looked after,as you have looked after a lot of people on here.
Thank you

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John, like many posters before me, you've 'shown me the way'. Yourself and the excellent Mr Hall (and Bob Loader before him) have demystified and simplified metal strangling enough to give us weekend warriors the confidence to 'give it a try'. For that I thank you.

I'm sorry that when I was within striking distance of Stoke and you kindly issued an invite to meet Bandit, I was unable to comply; duty called loud that weekend. Suffice to say, the character of the man came through in the humour of your phrases and the simplicity of your explanations, so I felt I had met you - in a limited way.

As the spouse of a cancer survivor and the son of someone with C.O.P.D., you have my utmost understanding and empathy.


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K. Brouwers
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Hello John,
I have never posted here before but I have followed your posts on the several boards you have written on. I would be a thankless so an so not to say thank you for your time for putting your posts together for all of us. I have developed in my hobby thanks to you and others like you that give so freely of your knowledge and time. I think I can say for most of us that I hope you had as much enjoyment writing as we have had reading. I hope that you contribute contribute as much as you feel you are able. Thank you again.
Karel Brouwers
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Hi Blogwitch
I really do not know what to say when reading this news
Just looking forward to seeing you in the forum for a very long time !!
Minh Thanh

With me : "One word is a teacher; half a word is still a teacher."
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So Sorry to hear . May you find the strength to go on. Thanks for all the help over the years ! GOD SPEED !!!
If you think you can,you can .If you think you can't you can't ! Where there's a will there's a way !
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Ex Bogstandard
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Thank you so much for your well wishes.

In fact on Wednesday I was told I maybe have a lifeline.

After many scans and biopsies, they have isolated the problem to one spot, but it is the rest of me that is causing the main problem.

I have been suffering with major pain for over 40 years, and they have told me I could have a full cure within 8 weeks if they remove a lobe of my left lung or even total removal if the tumour is on a bronchial tube joint. BUT, if all my previous problems don't put me in the right frame of mind to have this major surgery, then they will resort to non invasive radiography and chemotherapy, which means it won't be a permanent cure, but remission. I won't have a choice in which treatment I receive, that is up to the medicos after they carry out more scans and biopsies.
This week alone I have had three different hospital apps, and I expect the same for the next couple of weeks.
Luckily, here in the UK, we have to pay for nothing, except of course the terrible car parking charges.

So maybe a bit of light at the end of a very long tunnel.

If you don't try it, you will never know if you can do it!!
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Over the last couple of years I have had 4 operations on my shoulder which although will never be 100% is a lot better than it was. I was never concerned regarding surgery and never will be if I need surgery in the future because if it needs cutting off or out you won't feel it and if it goes wrong you won't even know about it. Good Luck mate. You deserve it.

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Hi john,
Sorry to hear this news on your health. Best wishes for your treatment and recovery.
You are and have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge.
Take care,

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